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A Quick Look At Auburn California

Auburn bail Bonds-HistoryHere is evidence to suggest man’s presence in the Auburn area dating back to 1400 B.C. However, the first known people were the Nisenan, an offshoot of the Maidu Tribe. Archaeological finds place the southwestern border for the prehistoric Martis people in the Auburn area. The indigenous Nisenan, an offshoot of the Maidu, were the first to establish a permanent settlement in the Auburn area. In the spring of 1848, a group of French gold miners arrived and camped in what would later be known as the Auburn Ravine. This group was on its way to the gold fields in Coloma, California, and it included Francois Gendron, Philibert Courteau, and Claude Chana.


The young Chana discovered gold on May 16, 1848. After finding the gold deposits in the soil, the trio decided to stay for more prospecting and mining. Chana, still at Sigard’s Ranch, learned of Marshall’s discovery at the Sawmill in Coloma and set out with a party to try his luck. On May 16, 1848 Claude Chana found gold in the Auburn Ravine. By April 1849 North Fork Dry Diggings had become a well established mining camp. The camp went by many names including Rich Ravine and Wood’s Dry Diggings of Auburn Ravine. In August of 1849 the camp was officially named Auburn. Because Auburn was just a wagon trip from Sacramento, centrally located in the gold country and just below the snow line it became known as the “Jumping off” spot for the miners. However, it was on May 13, 1865 when the Central Pacific Railroad officially made Auburn one of its stops that Auburn truly became a city. By the turn of the century the population of Auburn was a little more than 2,000.

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If you’re looking to find out more information about Auburn Bail Bonds you can simply call us and one of our bail bondsman can answer all your questions. If you or a someone you know has been arrested and you need a quote or some advise you can call us we are here to help you. We have locations throughout California and we can bail you out of jail anywhere nationwide. The owner of Luna Bail Bonds got into the bail bonds industry because he wanted to help people. We have all been in situations that we wish we knew someone or had a friend to help us out. We all have been having a good time and then something goes wrong. Whether it was circumstantial or our own doing we now need some help getting out of jail. Give us a call today (530) 392-4700


We are the second largest bail bonds services in all of California and we are dedicated to our clients’ success. With ten locations throughout California and access to over 5000 bail bondsman that value our principals and values. We hand pick our agents and they are the best at creating a easy, affordable and reasonable payment plan that works for the both of us. It’s just good business! Auburn Bail Bonds has bilingual bail bondsmen that have current and up-to-date bail license and who are trained to be friendly and understanding. We are committed to seeing you get past this unfortunate situation and getting you back to what you do best. Whether that taking care of a family. Pursuing a great career or going to school. Or working hard to follow your dreams we can help you get back to that success.


In California we have helped over 5000 people and we are growing. We’ll be opening up offices in Southern California in next year and we plan to have a few on the East Coast. We offer financial assistance to our clients with easy to manage payment arrangements and we will walk you through the bail process from beginning to end. So lets get started on two things today. Your freedom and your success that what we do best!