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Cheap Bail Bonds in San Jose! Get the payment plan you deserve! Our bail bonds in San Jose Ca can help you 24 hours a day. Call in to make sure there is an agent in the office. We get really busy and sometimes the agents are on the road. Although we follow all guidelines of the insurance companies, which ensures quality service and protects your rights, we are dedicated to getting you the best percentage as possible. We have been working with clients for over ten years and all our professional bail bondsmen are equipped. If a bond agent is breaking the law by price-cutting get out of there fast! Protect yourself and your family. If you want cheap bail bonds in San Jose, we can help you.


Find a qualified bail bondsman in Santa Clara County by calling (408) 298-6000. The Department of Insurance sets the price of a bail bond in California. The bail percentage will range anywhere between 10 to 8 percent depending if the client qualifies for any discounts. But for the most part it’s 10% of the full bail amount. Some clients will ask , “would you be able to charge us less if we pay cash?” “Can we pay 5%?” Any bail bonds company underwriting bonds for 5% in the State of California is against the law and you should leave their office immediately! Not only will the bail bonds company get in trouble but you will be at risk of losing your money and current freedom. If you’re out on bail. Cheap bail bonds is a search term most companies use to optimizes their search terms. In the end we will get you the best rate as possible.


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We understand you want Cheap Bail BondsThe best possible payment plan in San Jose Ca. Protecting your freedom and rights are number one and we make sure you have everything you need to be successful. It’s all up to you after that. Show up to all your court dates and stay connected with the bail bondsman that helped you. We have been working with clients for many years and we stand by our professional bail bonding services. If you are looking for a bail agency that will give you 5% then you’ll want to find another bail company. Luna Bail Bonds cares about you and your family and we don’t play games when it comes to those important facts. If you are serious about bailing someone out of jail and getting the best customer service in California then give us a call. (877) 422-BAIL (2245) Being in jail can affect more than the person inside. The family and loved ones will also suffer. The longer you wait and attempt to find a easier solution could be the deciding factor of them getting out. Never assume you can not bail someone out. Contact us today and an agent can help you figure out your options.