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For over ten 10 years one idea has been coming up over and over: Chico Bail Bonds clients’ success is more than an idea It’s our goal! Everyone’s situation is different and we can provide the right service for your current situation. All your information is protected and we are hear to listen and help you find a solution. Our Butte county bail bonds company can help in any situation! Most bail bonds companies are after a quotas or a sales goal.  Some Butte county bail bondsman will bail you out and let you put a small down payment. Then hit you with a higher monthly payment rate or threaten to send you back to jail. As little as two weeks after you posted bail! Too much pressure for anyone. Chico Bail Bonds-Ad3Dealing with all the other issues that come with being arrested and a personal life can be stressful for anyone. With judges, court dates and family we understand. That’s why we create a plan that works with your life and your budget. It just works out for the both of us! So what’s it going to be? A company that cares about you, your family and your success? Or a Chico Bail bonds company that sees you as a number on a board? That’s what the owner believes and that’s what we do… get you on the road to success! From beginning to end we’ll make sure you understand your rights and do everything in our power to help you succeed. We’ll provide an affordable payment plan that won’t stress you out.

Chico bail bonds

Chico Bail Bonds

Chico’s Bail Bonds

Chico’s Bail Bonds in Chico Ca. You may want to know the role a bail bondsman and Butte county bail bonds agency plays in the bail process. Most residents of any city would not want to admit that they have been to jail or having to explain to an employer that they are in jail. Chico’s Bail Bonds understands that bail bonds isn’t something someone wants to admit having to use either but some times we need help in a difficult situation. In the end we find being honest and dealing with this unfortunate situation the same. Call Chico’s Bail Bonds so we can get you out of jail NOW! You want a bail bonds company that will support you all the way to the end and work hard for your success.


You’ll want to find a Chico’s bail bondsman who is trust worthy and honest. Who will follow the bail guidelines regardless if we do business or not. Your freedom is more important than a quick buck to us. Be aware if a bail bondsman who bails you out without you prior contact with you. Dealing with Butte county jails or courts can be a stressful feeling why make it worse by asking question and trying to save a quick buck. Here at Chico’s Bail Bonds we want you to rest easy and focus on the more important things in your life with out worrying about the bail bonds company you signed with. Butte County jail systems are all different and you’ll want to act fast! We’ll tell you the truth regardless if we get your business or not.


In the end, a persons freedom is going to be in the hands of the Butte county bail bondsman you hire. We believes in having a fare chance at proving your innocence. Provide for your family, change the channel when you want to and sleep in your own bed every night. We believe that ever person should be able to fight their case from the outside. We train our Butte county bail bondsman to be friendly, understanding and professional. They know what it takes to get you out of jail and your personal information will always be protected. When you’re looking for a Chico Bail Bonds company consider Chico Bail Bonds in Chico Ca. We care about your success!

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Chico is the most populous city in Butte County, California, United States. Chico Bail Bonds Is Luna Bail Bonds loves the city of Chico and we are are huge fans of the Bad News Bears! The population was 86,187 at the 2010 census, up from 59,954 at the time of the 2000 census. The city is a cultural, economic, and educational center of the northern Sacramento Valley and home to both California State University, Chico and Bidwell Park, one of the country’s 25 largest municipal parks and the 13th largest municipally-owned park. The original inhabitants of the area now known as Chico were the Mechoopda Maidu Native Americans.


The City of Chico was founded in 1860 by John Bidwell, a member of one of the first wagon trains to reach California in 1843. During the American Civil War, Camp Bidwell (named for John Bidwell, by then a Brigadier General of the California Militia), was established a mile outside Chico, by Lt. Col. A. E. Hooker with a company of cavalry and two of infantry, on August 26, 1863. By early 1865 it was being referred to as Camp Chico when a post called Camp Bidwell was established in northeast California, later to be Fort Bidwell. The city became incorporated January 8, 1872. Butte county was not established yet.


Chico is located at the northeast edge of the Sacramento Valley, in Butte County and is one of the richest agricultural areas in the world. The Sierra Nevada mountains lie to the East, with Chico’s city limits venturing several miles into the foothills. Chico sits on the Sacramento Valley floor close to the foothills of the Cascade range and the Sierra Nevada range with Big Chico Creek being the demarcation line between the Cascade range (to the north) and the Sierra Nevada range (to the south). The city terrain is on the whole very flat with increasingly hilly terrain beginning at the eastern city limits.


The downtown area of Chico is located generally between Big Chico Creek and Little Chico Creek. The downtown has a street grid offset 49.75° from the four cardinal directions. There are numbered streets and avenues, which generally run ENE-WSW. Blocks are usually addressed in hundreds corresponding to the numbered streets and avenues. While the ENE-WSW streets and avenues are numbered, Streets running NNW-SSE are generally named after trees. The part of the ‘tree’ streets that intersect the CSUC campus spell the word “CHICO” at Chestnut, Hazel, Ivy, Cherry, and Orange Streets.


There are numbered streets and avenues both of which flow east-west. This fact can cause some confusion. The “Streets” are situated south of the Chico State campus through downtown, while the “Avenues” are situated north of the Chico State campus through The Esplanade. There are no left turns permitted onto any odd numbered avenue from The Esplanade, in either direction, with the exception of West 11th Ave. On most Chico streets odd addresses are on the south side of the street. Chicos Bail Bonds knows what a great city it is and we love being Chico’s #1 Bail Bonds agency.