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 For the last ten years Clearlake Bail Bonds has learned one thing: Our clients success is more important than a monthly quota. We may be smaller than most bail agencies but we’re #1 when it comes to our clients success. Our Bail Bondsmen make sure you are protected by our bail standards and by the law. Most bail agencies will bail you out and let you put a low down payment but expect to pay a higher monthly payment. As little as two weeks after they've gotten you out of jail! Too much pressure for someone who has just gotten released from jail. You need to be able to focus on the important things; work, family and how you can prove your innocence. We Understand that you have a life outside of the courts and your budget is something we consider when we create you payment plan. If you want a bail company that cares about you and your family then you should call Clearlake Bail Bonds we're ready to help you. We’ll make sure you understand all your rights. We’ll provide an affordable payment plan that works for both parties and we're here for you 24 hours a day to answer all your questions. We know everyone’s situation is different and your information will always be protected.


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Anywhere nationwide Clearlake Bail Bonds can help you! Finding the right bail bondsman in Lake county can be difficult and stressful but don't worry! Our goal is to get you out of jail as fast as possible. We have five regional bail offices in California and our bail bondsman are ready to bail you out. Check out our page or give us a call and find what you need to get someone bailed out of jail. Easy down payment. Affordable monthly plans. We'll be here for you all the way till the end. We'll walk you through the whole bail process. Explain all your rights and create a contract that will make your success that much easier. Our bondsman will help you and walk with you all the way till you case is over. Call Clearlake Bail Bonds today so we can get started on your success today. Sleep in your own bed tonight. Show up to work on time and be with the ones you love. (707) 263-1300


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Clearlake Bail Bonds is Luna Bail Bonds! We believe in helping people and high quality customer service. We do this by training our staff with current and up to date bail guidelines. So, when you come into our offices you can feel at ease that you’re in good hands. Our bail bondsman can get back to what you do best and be with the ones you love. (707) 263-1300 We also make the bail process affordable and we will give you the best rate possible. We know no one prepares to go to jail and our bail agents understand you want to put this situation behind you as quickly as possible.  They're knowledgeable in finding any loop holes that may help your situation and are always happy to be of service any way we can. It just so happens that we service the Butte county areas and we are open 24 hours a day! Clearlake Bail Bondsman made easy.


We understand that everyone’s situation is different and we have the highest level of professionalism when it comes to your personal case. We work hard for you to make sure your family stays connected with you. We believes in being on time to work, taking care of your family and a fair chance to fight your case from the outside. Show up to work on time, sleep in your own bed tonight and work with the best bail bonds company in Lake County Bail Bonds California! You can call 24 hours a day seven days a week! Please ask about our NO interest financing and affordable discount rates. We can help most people with affordable financing regardless of their financial situation. We can customize a payment plan based on your unique situation and in most cases, without collateral. Call Today Clearlake Bail Bonds: (707) 263-1300 We have great payment plans. Awesome down payments. Friendly Lake County Bail Bondsman here for you. You will understand your rights and what the court expects of you while you go to court. You'll get copies of your paperwork and your monthly payment dates. We encourage you to pay a few day before you payment. The agent will also explain your potential consequences if you should not follow through with the court and bail agreement. Our agents are here to help you and all we care about your success.

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We know Lake county jail systems can be stressful and no one wants to be in jail either. Jail is no place to get your head together or prove your innocence. By calling our office you can feel safe knowing that in Lake county a bail bondsman can give the help you need. Going to jail is unexpected and a high bail amount is no birthday present to remember either. So lets get started on your freedom. Calling a Clear Lake Bail Bonds in Lake county is the first step closer to your success. After you're out on bail you can get your head straight and find the resources you might need to help your case. Being in jail can limit you resources and your abilities in finding what you need or getting in contact with someone.


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The court will expect you to pay the full 100% of the amount. If you can’t cover the amount you don’t go home. You can call a Clear Lake bail bondsman and we’ll post bail for you. Get back to work and take care of loved ones. Sleep in your own bed tonight and be with the people you love. We will cover the full amount of the bail by paying the court the full amount.Then you pay us a percentage that we agree upon. We will set up a payment plan that works with your budget. Clear Lake Bail Bonds wants you to succeed. Move on with your life and get back to what you do best. Call us today nationwide!


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You will appear in court and the judge will set the bail amount. You can either pay the court the full amount or call a bail bondsman in your area. If you decide to use a bail agency you will have to go through a few steps. No matter where you are in Lake county a bail bondsman in Clearlake California will work fast to get you out of jail. Once you are done with your court dates we will get the loan back from the court. The amount you paid to us is a fee for using our services. Most Lake county bail bonds are not all the same. When it comes to the bail amount and paying a percentage of the bail it's usually the same. What makes you different from other bail bonds in Clearlake?


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Other bail companies in Lake county is we value you more than a dollar amount. More than some monthly quota. We value you just as you value your freedom. You have a few options when it comes to paying for bail. You can pay the full percentage up front. You can put up collateral if you don’t have any money. Or you can have a co-signer sign on your behalf. Depending on your income and theirs. The best way to find out what your options are and get answer  to all your questions is to call Clearlake Bail Bonds If you’re looking to hire a Clear Lake bail bondsman consider us. We’ll give you the facts no matter if you use our bail bonds services or use another bail company in your area. We’ll make sure you have the right information and be here for you until the end of your case. You're success is #1 and that's what makes use different from the rest.


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Reliable and friendly bail bondsman are here for you in Clearlake California. We have affordable payment plans. You can get some peace of mind knowing you in good hands with the financial options we have. We can customize a payment plan based on your unique situation and in most cases without collateral. Our bail bondsman are trained to help you succeed and we want you to feel good about making your payments. (707) 263-1300 24 Hours a day. Get back to the life you enjoy. All we ask is that you make your court dates and make your payments on a timely manner. Ask about our NO Interest financing. We take different types of payment methods and some times personal checks. Call for more information.

A Quick Look At Clear Lake California



Clearlake Bail Bonds-HistoryAt one time Clear Lake was even bigger than it is now and included the Blue Lakes (to the northwest of Clear Lake). Which is kind of bluey. Volcanic eruptions and subsequent landslides changed the landscape dramatically, forever separating Clear Lake from the Blue Lakes and from its former westward drainage into the Russian River. Archaeologists believe that the Clear Lake basin has been occupied by Native Americans for at least 11,000 years. Evidence of this has been found at nearby Borax Lake and on Rattlesnake Island in the lake's south arm. Abundant fish, game and waterbirds made Clear Lake an oasis in the otherwise harsh conditions of Northern California's mountains.



The native Clear Lake hitch, Lavinia exilicauda, was once so abundant that millions of hitch clogged the lake's feeder streams in dry months. When the Spanish missionaries came to California they found that thousands of Native Americans. They were living in the Clear Lake Basin. Next to the guy with the sign. Primarily Pomo lake. Yuki lake and Wappo lake with some Lake Miwok. European settlers arrived, starting around 1845. Frequently they abused and exploited the native Pomo people. One of the most notorious incidents was the Bloody Island Massacre of spring 1850. A number of Pomo were enslaved and abused by settlers Andrew Kelsey, whose name is attached to the town of Kelseyville today, and Charles Stone. The Pomo finally revolted and killed Kelsey and Stone. A United States Army contingent under Lieutenant Nathaniel Lyon cornered as many as 200 Pomo on an island in Clear Lake, and slaughtered most of them—including scores of women and children. The historical marker for Bloody Island is on Highway 20 between Upper Lake and the Robinson Rancheria.




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When using a Lake County Bail Bondsman in Clear Lake California you may want to know the role a bail agent plays in the bail bonds process.It can very depending on your case but not a bail bonds companies are the same. We understands that bail bonds isn’t something someone wants to admit having to use. It could be frowned upon from your peers or family members but don't worry we understand. You're not alone and we can help you. No matter what we think the situation is the same; someone’s in jail and they need to get out fast! Luna Bail Bonds Clear Lake California will help you! (707) 263-1300 You want a bail bonds company that will support you all the way to the end and work hard for your success. You'll want to find an agency who is honest and who has been in the business for more than a few years. A company that follows the bail guidelines, regardless of a quota is a good sign that you're at the right place. Your freedom is more important than a quick buck so be aware if a bail bondsman bails you out without you calling them. Working with the jails or courts can be a stressful feeling too but we do our best to make the process as easy as possible for you.


Lake County jail systems are all different and you'll want to act fast! In some cases we can not bail someone out but at least you're not adding more problems to your situation. We'll tell you the truth regardless if we get your business or not. Ultimately, a persons freedom is going to be in the hands of the bail bondsman you hire. Clear Lake Bail Bonds Lake County believes in helping those who help themselves. We believe that ever person should be able to fight their case from the outside.We train our bail bondsman to be professional, understanding and friendly. They know what it takes to get you out of jail and your personal information will always be protected. So when you're looking for Clear Lake Bail Bonds agency give us a call and see what you we can do for you. Helping you succeed and giving you back your freedom.