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Our clients success is what we believe in and that's what we've stood for for the last ten years. Don't get me wrong we've had our ups and downs but we've never let that stop us. Building quality service and great customer support we are still here helping those who need it. For the last 10 years our clients have helped us create a great business model that continues to grow and evolve. We always appreciate our clients feedback and welcome new ideas. We may be a small bail company but we’re #1 when it comes to our clients success. Colusa Bail Bonds Most bail agency’s will bail you (sometimes without your knowledge) and expect you to pay a higher monthly payment rate or you go back to jail. Bad business! Be careful and be smart. Make sure you understand all your rights before signing any contract with a bail bonds company in Colusa County.


They may let you put down a couple hundred bucks but they will expect you to pay more in the end. Bail was created to give you a chance to prove your innocence with a clear mind. From the outside without all the worry of your family or trying to keep your job. We want you to feel good about the bail bondsman you invest in. We want you back home with your family and doing what you do best. Taking care of them and being there when they need you. We have families. We have jobs. We understand what most people are going through when it comes to dealing with jail. The court, jailers and inmates aren't even the half of it. Put your mind at ease with a Colusa bail agent We'll help you get started on your freedom today. Colusa bail bonds are not all the same. Our bail bondsman licensed and take their time with you. They are hand picked and we look for people who genuinely care about people. Your success was one of the founding principals of Luna Bail Bonds Colusa and we stand by it.

From beginning to end we’ll make sure you get the help you need. Our bail bondsman will customize a payment plan that work with you current financial situation. We understand that you have a life and we want you to keep enjoying it. We know everyone’s situation is different and we stand by a strict confidential policy. You can rest assure our Colusa county bail bondsman will protect your personal information. It's secure with Colusa Bail Bonds and we are bond to so according to the bail guidelines. Lets get started on your success today and get you closer to putting this behind you. Colusa Bail Bonds Is Luna Bail Bonds

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We've been doing bail bonds for over 10 years and we love helping people. Colusa Bail Bonds knows being arrested and having to pay a bunch of fines can be a bit stressful. But we are here for you! It's usually unexpected and it's usually more than one person that is affected by these unfortunate circumstances. Colusa county jails are crowded and you may have never been to jail before. Different personalities and tons of moods that have nothing to do with you. That shouldn't be your problem and we want to make sure you don't have to experience that as much as possible. Don't waste time call Colusa Bail Bonds and get out of jail now. The bail can go up at any time. The facts are proving your innocence from jail is not ideal or recommended. A Colusa agent is standing by. A bail bondsman in Colusa County will help you get in contact with your family. Help you find the resources that you need to ensure your success. They will walk with you till the end.


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Our bail bondsman are trained to provide great customer service and be the friendly voice you need in this possibly stressful time. We value our employees and our clients just like family. We are all about quality not quantity. When you use our bail bonds services in Colusa county you get a professional bail agent that has been hand picked. For their personality and work ethic. Colusa Bail Bonds is you bail bonds source. We screen our agents and look for a friendly spirit. A spirit of trust, honesty and a hard worker. We make sure that they will give you the same service that they would expect from a top notch company. No matter where you are in Colusa county we can bail you out! After you are released from jail you will have to come to the office to sign the contract if you have not already signed it.


How Colusa Bail Bonds Works


You will appear in court. Then you will receive your bail amount. You'll have a few options to bail out of jail. Paying the court the full amount is one option this will ensure that you get all your money back at the end of your case. It's usually in the multiple thousands and you will have to pay it right there. Second option, you can call a local bail bondsman in your area.They will walk you through the process and hopefully you can get out. Colusa Bail Bonds has made the bail process easy and you can call from jail or anywhere in the U.S. If for some reason you can not leave your home or you're working we can come to you. Get a free quote today (877) 422-2245 You will fill out the required paperwork and put down a down payment. Then the bail bondsman will explain your rights and what the court expects from you. We will also set you up with a payment plan. We will give you your next court date and you can get back to your daily life. Call Colusa Bail Bonds Today.

Gridley Bail Bonds Gridley CaCity of Colusa, 1867-1915
Reading was important in the early years of the county settlement. A reading room was established in 1867, and a group met weekly to hear readings and play games. Colusa residents undertook several efforts to initiate and fund a free library for the city for over 30 years. The library was initially housed on the second floor of the Colusa Town Hall. By 1906, the city library had over 3,000 volumes and was housed in the new Carnegie Library building. The city also offered services to county residents outside city limits for a fee. In 1850, Charles D. Semple purchased the Rancho Colus Mexican land grant on which Colusa was founded and called the place Salmon Bend.


The town was founded, under the name Colusi, by Semple in 1850. The first post office was established the following year, 1851. The California legislature changed the town’s (and the county’s) name to Colusa in 1854. The town flourished due to its location on the Southern Pacific Railroad. Several travelers rest stops were established at various road distances from Colusa Including Five Mile House. Seven Mile House. Nine Mile House. Ten Mile House. Eleven Mile House. Fourteen Mile House (also called Sterling Ranch), Sixteen Mile House (at the current location of Princeton, and Seventeen Mile House.


The original settlement of what became Colusa was originally placed at the site of Seven Mile House but subsequently removed to its current site in 1850. There isn't much to findings on Colusa and it's history. Visiting Colusa California is you best bet and you can experience it for yourself. That's the best way. State of California, 1899-1909
In 1899, James L. Gillis was appointed state librarian. One of his first acts was to have a law passed opening the state library to all California residents. Get those birdies!


In 1904, he established traveling libraries, which circulated to localities not served by city libraries. Between 1904 and 1909, the concept of county libraries was discussed and promoted. In 1911, a law was passed specifying that: Library headquarters would be located at the county seat. The collection would be available for all


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Do I Qualify For Bail Bonds Colusa County


Bail bond agencies are mostly the same when it comes to paying for the percentage of bail. It's a fee for using a Colusa county bail bonds agency. What makes us different from other bail bonds companies our commitment in making bail work for the both of us. By creating a payment plan that will support your financial situation we can guarantee that you will succeed. That's all we care about! We value you just like you value your freedom. Like you value your job and the things you love to do. That's how we value your success. Do you qualify for bail? If you have questions and need more help understanding your options don't hesitate Colusa Bail Bonds open 24 hours.

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We customize payment plans based on our clients financial situation. In most cases you can post bail without any collateral. Our bail bondsman help you determine what your best options are for posting bail. We do are part by bailing you out of jail and we expect you to follow a few guidelines of our own. Show up to your court dates on time. Make your payments a few days before it's due if you can. You don't want to add any penalties to the bail amount. Lastly communicate with us if you need to talk about your case. We are here to help you. We take different types of payment methods. Ask about our NO Interest financing.


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After being arrested the officers will take you to jail for processing. Usually bail is set annually by the county judge/s. Or by the jailers at the jail. Depending on the charges and the severity of the accused crime. The judges will lay out a “bail schedule” for the year detailing each type of charge and the amount that they agree on. Bail amounts may be set differently from the bail schedule based on prior criminal history. That’s why it’s important to bail out as quickly as possible. The defendant is taken to the nearest holding facility or that county or nearest Sheriff’s department. For processing and booking. Which can take approximately 2-6 hours.


During this time, the defendant is photographed for a “mug shot”. All their personal possessions are removed. They will be fingerprinted and a warrant check is issued for everyone that is arrested. They will be eligible for bail once all the booking procedures are completed. (if there aren’t any holds or warrants) Most jails will let the person who got arrested make a free phone call or they can call their local county/city bail bonds company collect. Colusa bail bonds excepts collect calls. We accept all calls and try to help the person who was arrested to contact their family or loved ones. We also help them find the resources to bail out so they can get as soon as possible. Remember it is vital to bail out as fast as you can because the bail amount can go up at anytime.


Call 24 hours 7 days a week (877) 422-2245 The fee for using a bail bondsman is 8 to 10 percent of the entire bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $30,000, your fee to the bondsman will be $3,000. ( What you can put down and your financial circumstances will help us understand better) Calling us is your best option. It is a lot easier to talk with you and help you figure out what will work for you. Once we come to an agreement and a down payment is made we will bail you out. The bondsman will go to the jail and “post” the bail bond. Typically the defendant is released within 2 to 4 hours. Call your Colusa county bail bondsman in Colusa California.