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Do you need to bail someone out of jail? Do you understand how bail works in Mendocino County? Can you qualify for financing? Is there a option that fits your budget? We can answer all your questions here at Fort Bragg Bail Bonds. We know know bail and we've been doing it for over 10 years. After Being arrested jail is the last place you want to try and prove your innocence. Finding the right people to help you and gathering solid information that might help can also be tricky when you're in jail. Maybe you have a job you can not afford to lose. Maybe there is a family at home that depends on your help. Take the time to call us today and lets see if we can get you back home with the ones you love.


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Calling a Fort Bragg Bail Bondsman will better your odds at winning your case and moving on with your life. Our agents are trained to help you get in touch with the right people. You pay us is 10% of the bail amount and we cover the rest. We customize a payment plan the works for the both of us. You can count on us to work with you as fairly as possible. We follow the bail guidelines and principals but you will always be protected in the end. Some agencies will bail you out but there will some strings attached so make sure you understand what contract you're signing.


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You will appear in court and receive the bail amount. You can either pay the court the full amount or call a bail bondsman to help you. If you decide to use a bail agency you will have to go through a few steps. The process is simple and we made it easier than ever to bail out of jail. Fill out some paperwork. Sign the bail agent agreement and make a down payment. Then we'll contact the Mendocino county jail (in your area) and bail you out. No matter where you are in the nation we can get you out! Once you are done with your court dates we will get our 90% back from the court and your 10% will be a fee for using a Fort Bragg bail bonds company.


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Mendocino County bail bondman are the same when it comes to bail. What makes us different is are commitment to quality and customer service. We take your time serious and your life like it was our own. We can not afford to play games. You want to be bailed out so you can continue your life and we want you to feel goood about working with us. We value your feed back and thoughts as well. We thank you ahead of time for letting us bail you out. We value you just just as much as you value your freedom. You have a couple of options when it comes to using a bail company in Mendocino County. You can pay the full 100% the court. You can pay us 10% of the bail amount in full. You can put up collateral if you don’t have any money. Or if any of the above options do not work for you you can find a co-signer. Depending on your income and theirs you can find someone to help you. Find out your best options and what you need to get out of jail. We can answer all your questions and help you figure out what works best for you. Call today (707) 263-1300


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Our Fort Bragg Bail Bonds is Reliable. Affordable and fast. We can customize a payment plan based on your unique situation and in most cases without collateral. A bail bondsman from our office will create a plan that will lead you to fulfilling your goal to succeed with us. All we ask is you communicate with us. Show up to your court dates and call us if you need anything. It's that simple. Remember our Fort Bragg Bail Bondsman are different and professional. Throughout Mendocino County and surrounding areas. Ask about our NO Interest financing. We take most types of payment methods.

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Fort Bragg Bail Bonds Is Luna Bail Bonds! Open 24 hours a day nationwide. (707) 376-9400 We provide you with up-to-date information. We can locate a person that has been arrested and help you figure out the next step. From beginning to end we take you step by step and make you understand all your rights. Affordable. Easy down payment and we'll get you out of jail fast. Friendly agents standing by. You don't have to feel alone and you're not alone. We have all had situations come for us. Give us a call today. Our Mendocino County Bail Bonds location is one of the many areas that we serve in Northern California and the surrounding cities. We can help you nationwide. We have five regional offices and bail bondsmen throughout the nation ready to help you.



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Fort Bragg Bail Bonds understand that everyone’s situation is different and we have the highest level of professionalism when it comes to your personal case. We work hard for you to make sure you and your family stays connected. Call us collect from jail and we'll get you in touch with someone you know. Nobody wants to miss work or have to lose their job. In jail you have to wear county clothes. Sleep on a bed that is not comfortable and you might get a "roomie" that may not smell so great. Sleep in your own bed tonight. Show up to work on time. A Fort Bragg Bail Bondsman can help! Don't waste time call now. Please ask about our NO interest financing and affordable discounts.



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Time is of essence if you’re in need to get someone released from the Fort Bragg jail. You’d better act fast! If they are not released in a timely manner they stand a chance of having bail amount go up. It could mean a bigger down payment. They might have to stay in jail longer or the bail could get revoked. That's why it's important to contact the agency and get the process started. Contact one of our Fort Bragg Bail Bondsman today. We are able to help most people with affordable financing regardless of their financial situation or history. We can customize a payment plan based on your unique situation and in most cases, without collateral.


A quick Look At Fort Bragg California



Fort Bragg Bail Bonds-CityIn prehistoric days, the area now known as Fort Bragg was home to the Native Americans, most of whom belonged to the Pomo tribe. They were hunter-gatherers who lived along the northern coast of California. In 1855, an exploration party from the Bureau of Indian Affairs visited the area looking for a site on which to establish a reservation; and, in the spring of 1856, the Mendocino Indian Reservation was established at Noyo. Get you fishing nets ready folks! It was 25,000 acres (100 km2), and its boundary extended north from what is now Simpson Lane to Abalobadiah Creek and east from the Pacific Ocean to Bald Hill.


In the summer of 1857, 1st Lt. Horatio G. Gibson, then serving at the Presidio of San Francisco, established a military post on the Reservation, approximately a mile and a half north of the Noyo River, and named it for his former commanding officer Capt. Braxton Bragg, who later became a General in the Army of the Confederacy. The official date of the establishment of the fort was June 11, 1857; and its purpose was to maintain order on the reservation. Gibson and Company M, 3rd Artillery, left Fort Bragg in January 1859 to be replaced by Company D, 6th Infantry, which stayed for two years and continued to build up the post. In June 1862 Company D, 2nd California Infantry, were ordered to garrison the post and remained until 1864. In October of that year, the Fort Bragg garrison was loaded aboard the steamer "Panama" and completed the evacuation and abandonment of Mendocino County's first military post. Call Fort Bargg Bail Bonds today (707) 263-1300


In 1901 the Union Lumber Company incorporated the National Steamship Company to carry lumber, passengers and supplies. The only link to manufactured creature comforts and staples like sugar and coffee were delivered by steamship. In 1905 the California Western Railroad and Navigation Company was formed and plans were pushed to get the rail line all the way to Willits, where train connections to the Northwestern Pacific would link to San Francisco. The 1906 earthquake resulted in a fire that threatened the saw mill and the city. Within the town itself, all brick buildings were damaged. Only two were not destroyed completely. Many frame houses were knocked off their piers. The fire downtown burned the entire block bordered by Franklin, Redwood and McPherson Streets, plus the west side of Franklin. The west Franklin block burned down to approximately one half a block beyond the intersection of Redwood and Franklin.


Within 12 months following the earthquake, most downtown reconstruction was completed. Ironically, the earthquake brought real prosperity to Fort Bragg as the mills furnished lumber to rebuild San Francisco. The lumber ships returning from San Francisco were ballasted with bricks used for rebuilding Fort Bragg With the new prosperity, the rail line to Willits was completed and in 1912 the first tourists came to Fort Bragg. By 1916 Fort Bragg had become a popular place to visit—and to settle. Since 1916 Commercial fishing has also played an important role in the economic base of the community. Once a major commercial fishing port, Fort Bragg was well known for producing quality fish products that were distributed to major metropolitan markets.


Recently, Georgia Pacific Lumber Company put on the market a 400-acre (1.6 km2) piece of property within the city limits, formerly the site of a large mill facility. The mill was shut down in 2002 and has been identified as a nonperforming asset by Georgia Pacific. The mill site takes up almost the entire coastline of Fort Bragg including Fort Bragg Landing. The public of Fort Bragg has embraced the mill site as the future of Fort Bragg and has proposed many forward-thinking ideas. Some possibilities for the mill site are: a marine research center, a conference center, a world-class golf course, a smaller mill, or a branch of a college. We would like to take a moment and thank you for visiting our site. Luna Bail Bonds Fort Bragg is here for you if you need us. Whether it's bail. Answering some questions for you. Or you just want to talk you can call us 24 hours a day. Finding the right bail bondsman in a Mendocino county can be difficult and stressful. Our goal is to get you out of jail as quickly as possible and help you be successful. So you can move on with your life.