How Bail Works

How Bail Works

How bail works when anyone is arrested can be different for each  county or state. they will be taken to the closest jail or holding facility. They will either be booked or stay in the holding tank for a few hours if they are just being held, not charged. You can get out of jail fast with Luna Bail Bonds in San Jose Ca. We work hard for you! If you or someone is booked then it will take some time to be released depending on the charges. It could also be based on any violations of parole or probation. Sometimes they can have a warrant in another county and they might have to wait till they go to court.


How Bail Works in San Jose Ca

After being booked they will have a chance to make a phone call. The process takes a hour to two (for booking process) but that is up to the staff and shift change. They could also be locked down and that could delay the time. Usually what happens is the officer on duty will take a person information and property. It goes in to a bag or holding folder and sent to property dept. They will finger print you and take your mug shot. They give you a booking number then they sit you down for awhile. A phone call can happen at anytime during this process. The San Jose police department follows guidelines but there are some rules that are left to their discretion. Our best advise is not to get arrested. Find a friend to call or drive if it’s a night on the town event.

If they have to wait in jail until bail is set then there are other factors that can arise. Usually, if the crime in question is a non violent crime then they can bail out right away. Judges set the amounts for bail every year so it can change. So don’t expect the bail amount to be the same if you have been in trouble before. Especially for the same crime. The judges will lie out a “bail schedule” detailing each type of charge and setting a corresponding bail amount for that offense. Bail amounts may be set differently from the bail schedule based on prior criminal record and severity of the crime. In some cases circumstances surrounding to the case or area of the case can also have an affect on the bail amount. Call a San Jose Bail Bondsman today and get the support you need to make the best of bailing out of jail.