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A Foster City Bail Bondsman is here to help you 24 hours a day. You can call for a free quote (650) 366-6200. If someone you know got arrested and you don’t know much about bail. We can locate anyone nationwide. Our professional agents work hard to get you out of jail fast. That way you can focus on your case with your lawyer and don’t have to deal with the hassle of jail. Get the resources you need so you can develop a strong case for to prove your innocence. Maybe you have a family you provide for. Maybe you need to get some information that you can’t get while in custody. Whatever your reason is for wanting to bail out you can count on a Foster City bail bondsman to be there for you. Luna Bail Bonds in Foster City California can help you resume your daily life. Keep your job and maintain your responsibilities. Provide for your loved ones and continue to enjoy your freedoms. Call today and lets get started on your success. One of our Foster City bail bondsman will have you or a loved one fill out required paper work. After everything is signed the bail agent will go to the San Mateo county jail and bail you out. After you are done with you court dates we will get our 90% back from the court and your 10% will be a fee for using a Foster City Bail Bonds company.



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Foster City Bail Bonds Is Luna Bail Bonds. We’ve been in the Bail bonds business for over 10 years and we know the Foster City jail system can be hard on someone. Jail is no place for someone to get their head together, fight their case or take care of your family. For most people, jail is unexpected and a high bail amount is just the beginning. Calling Luna Bail Bonds is a great start in getting you out of jail fast. So, you can get you head straight and find resources that might help your case. Our Foster City Bail Bonds company is reliable and affordable. We’ll get you out of jail fast! We can customize a payment plan based on your unique situation and in most cases, without collateral. Our bail bondsman are trained to help you succeed and give you some peace of mind while you deal with this ordeal. All we ask, as a Foster City Bail Bonds company, is that you make you court dates and make you payments in a timely manner. Ask about our NO Interest financing. We take different types of payment methods and some times personal checks. Call to find out more.


 How San Mateo County Bail Bonds Works


 Don’t wait any longer let us help you figure out your next step. For a respected and reliable Foster City bail bonds and bondsman call Luna Bail Bonds San Mateo county, at (650) 366-6200 or 1-877-422-BAIL (2245). The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this or associated pages, documents, comments, answers, emails, or other communications should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information on this website is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing of this information does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Many times after being arrested people wait too long and can end up staying longer than expected. You wan to be released from custody as so as possible because court cases are known to draw out for many months or years. Your Foster City bail bondsman will work with you and your family to help determine the best possible solution for posting your bail. We understand that everyone’s situation is different and we have the highest level of professionalism when it comes to your privacy. We work hard for you to make sure your family stays connected with you. You can call 24 hours a day seven days a week. Please ask about our NO interest financing (with timely payments) and affordable discount rates. San Mateo county Bail Bonds is able to help most people with affordable financing regardless of their financial situation. We can customize a payment plan based on your unique situation and in most cases without collateral. Our offices are through out California.

Foster City Bail Bonds-San Mateo County

Foster City Bail Bonds-San Mateo County

Foster City Bail Bonds Is Here For You


Our Foster City bail bonds company offers confidential services for you and your family. Our services assist you in facilitating a speedy and courteous release from your jail cell anytime around-the-clock, seven days a week. We can make the process quick and easy, and have you home quickly to begin living your life as normal as possible. Our Foster City bail bonds company offers an easy solution for payment. We accept certified checks, credit cards and cash. We can handle details over the phone and be ready to have you or a loved one released within a few hours after the judge in the case has set the amount of bail. There is no need to sit in jail when our Foster City bail bonds company is here to assist you in your release. Don't waste time call today and get back to your daily life.


A bail bondsman in San Mateo County


The court will expect you to pay the full (100%) amount and if you can’t cover the amount you do not get to go home. But you can call our Forster City bail bondsman and we’ll post bail for you. We put up the full amount and you pay a small percentage to us instead of the court. After you are done with all your court dates and we will get our money back and if you're still paying your monthly payments you should be fine.  In most cases people will pay about 8 to 10% of the full amount. I can range in the thousands but that's not always the case. If you have question one of our Foster City bail bondsman can answer all your questions. We can usually set up a payment plan that works with your budget and we make sure to make it a stress free as possible. So you can focus on the other things in your life with peace of mind.


How Bail Bondsman Works In Foster City California


When someone is arrested they are usually taken to the nearest holding facility to be booked. They will be processed and then put in a cell or holding tank with other people who have been arrested. They take all their property and put in in a bag or envelope. After that they will be finger printed and their picture will be taken. If they have been arrested for drugs sometimes they will make them take a blood test. As soon as they are done processing them they will be able to make a phone call. If they are able to bail out then most likely they will call you or a  bail agent. One of our Foster City bail bondsman will find out what they will need to post bail and then take the steps to make that happen. After everything is signed and a agreement is made the bail agent will go to the San Mateo county jail that their located at and bail them out of jail.