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 Lincoln Bail Bonds has learned over the years that  our clients success is more important than a monthly quota. We've walked with our clients' through some easy times and some hard times. It just comes with the territory and we are here for them no matter what! We may be smaller than most bail agencies but we’re #1 when it comes to our clients success. We've worked with over 100,000. people and we continue to grow. A Lincoln Bail Bondsman in Placer County can help you figure out the right option for you even if we decide to go elsewhere. We also believe in great customer service. We can help you get in contact with your family or loved ones. We can help you locate an inmate that has been arrested and we have up-to-date information 24 hours a day. We Understand we understand about your situation is that no one wants to go to jail. We understand that you have a life outside of court and your Lincoln bail bondsman. And we know that adding another responsibility to your finances is not what you expected. We get it! You can relax and rest assure that when you're finished with the paperwork you will feel good about the decision you made to work with us. We'll work with your current financial situation. We want you to succeed. (530) 392-4700


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Placer County Bonds has friendly staff ready to bail you out of jail fast. We can answer your questions 24 hours a day but you don't want to wait too long if you're trying to bail someone out of a Placer county jail.  After we post bail for someone in Lincoln California it usually takes about 2 to 6 hour before they are released. It could depend on a few things like: the number of arrested that day. The persons attitude towards staff and shift change. Either way we will give you up-to-date information and keep you informed of any updates. We take pride in our clients' success.

Lincoln Bail Bonds-Placer County



We have figured out way to make the bail process as easy as possible over the years working in the bail industry in Placer county California. Collect calls can get quite expensive but we allow inmates to contact us and we make calls for them to talk to their loved ones. I are working you can fax or email us the form and we can get you started and bail out over the phone. If for health reasons you can not leaver your home or hospital we can come to you. We have locations throughout California and we have bail bondsman all over the nation. Lincoln Bail Bonds is a professional company working with the Lincoln community for over 7 years. Either you can come into our office we can come to you. (530) 392-4700

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 Find a Placer County bail bonds agency who is honest and affordable. We love working with new clients but in the end we will follow the bail guidelines to the end. It protects your rights and us as a bail bonds company. Our  agents know your freedom is important to you and that's more important to us that a quick buck. Once you or your loved one has been arrested you'll want to get out of jail as fast as possible. Making any deal in a hurry could cost you more in the long run. Call us today we can help you figure out the best option for your current situation. In the end you want Lincoln bail bonds company that will explain everything need to be successful. That means the truth even if you decide to go somewhere else. But we're pretty confident that we can find a plan that works for you.

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Lincoln Bail Bonds Is Here For You

Placer county Bail Bonds companies are all fairly the same. We do bail at a percentage of the full bail amount and we can find a plan that works for you. But what makes us different is our customer service and our attention to detail. We give you a break down that explains all your rights. What the court  expects of you and what you'll need to do to be successful in the end. We want you to get back to the things you do best. Taking care of your family. Providing for your loved ones and showing up to work on time. Maybe you're a student and you have to pay tuition. Whatever the reason we want to support your success. We’ve been in the Bail bonds business for over 10 years and we work with a lot of people that have a life outside of court. You can rest assure that we'll find the best options and plan that will give you some peace of mind. Jail is no place for someone to get their mind right or prove their innocence. Do it from your own home with the ones you love. Professional, easy 24 hour Lincoln Bail Bondsman at your service. We take pride in that we may be the second biggest but we #1 when it comes to client satisfaction! (530) 392-4700

What Will I Pay For A Lincoln Bail Bondsman In Placer County

 Bail can be a bit over whelming and a bit stressful when it's unexpected. Meaning we know know has 20 to 30 thousand dollars save up for bail. Well, unless you like going to jail? If you bail out with the court they will expect you to pay the full (100%) amount. If cannot afford the full amount you'll want to call a Lincoln Bail Bondsman. You pay about 10% to 8% depending on what discounts you qualify for. When you call in the Placer county bail bondsman will help you figure all your choice out. We'll pay the court the full amount on your behalf and at the end of you case we will get it back. By bailing you out of jail we are trusting you to complete all that you agree upon when you sign the paperwork. You on the other hand will not get your money back. It is a fee for using our Lincoln bail bonds services and we're sure you'll get your moneys worth.


How Do I Get Started With Lincoln Bail Bonds

After you appear in court you will receive the bail amount. Assuming there are no holds or warrants. One of our bail bondsman start the paperwork and get all the information we need to bail the person out of jail. So most likely if you can self bail we will bail you out and then you will come to our office and put down a down payment. If you need a co-signer then they will fill out the paperwork in the office or over the phone. (Fax or email as well) and then once they have put a payment down the bail bondsman will call the jail and get you released. Sometimes we will have to go with you to the jail if you are already out and you find us before you know your bail amount. But either way it's pretty simple and easy. Call us today and lets get started on your success. (530) 392-4700


Lincoln Bail Bonds-Placer County

Lincoln Bail Bonds-Placer  County

Lincoln Bail Bonds-Placer County