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Redwood City Bail Bonds Is Luna Bail Bonds, one of the most honest and down to earth Bail Bonds Company in Northern California. We are here to serve San Mateo County and surrounding communities. What is bail, can I afford to bail out, should I bail out and will I get my money back, are just some of the commonly asked questions. The process of getting arrested and bailing out can be stressful and confusing. That is why we at Luna Bail Bonds Redwood City are here to help you through the whole process of bail, explaining it step by step. Redwood City Bail Bonds are here to serve San Mateo County, and will do anything in our power to get your loved ones out of jail and get the bail bonds they need. Redwood City Bail Bonds is now in Santa Rosa at 2900 Mendocino Ave # 100. We have grown as a company through genuinely helping people who are in need. Call us today 650-366-6200



Although we are not lawyers, we do everything in our power to help the people of California maintain their right to innocence and freedom until proven guilty. In Addition to Redwood City Bail Bonds, we have five regional bail bonds office located through out California, we work across the state of California and have bail bondsman everywhere, ready to help you at the drop of a dime. Check out our other offices; Luna Bail Bonds Hollister, Luna Bail Bonds San Francisco and Luna Bail Bonds Santa Rosa if you are in the area! A licensed bondsman from Redwood City Bail Bonds will answer all your questions regarding the process of Bail and how Bail Bonds work. We can be reached locally 24 hours a day at 650-366-6200 or toll-free at, 877-422-2245.


Many of our clients wonder how bail bonds works. Will Redwood City Bail Bonds require them to put up collateral such as a house or a car to get their loved ones out of jail? What is Bail? How to Bail? For example; many of our clients believe they are required to pledge some type of collateral and expect to put their house on the line. What many people do not know, is that with. Redwood City Bail Bonds, most of the time all we need is a simple signature from a credible signer to guarantee that your loved one will be bailed out of the San Mateo County jail system. Bail is a fairly simple process. Either you can come into our regional office at 636 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95112, or you can fax or email your application to us. This means that we can take care of all of your bail bonds needs right from the comfort of your home. We accept all forms of payment including debit, credit, and cash, and when in need, we do in-house financing with 0% interest. We consider ourselves to be the fairest bail bonds company available nationwide. Call Redwood City Bail Bonds Today and Get Out Today!



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Arrest: Some common crimes that you can obtain a bail bond for for include misdemeanors, DWIs, and failure to comply with conditions of probation. Phoning a Significant Other: A friend and family member will likely need to assist you in locating a bondsman. This person also will need to cosign that you will appear in court; if you don’t appear, this person will be liable and can be charged a hefty fine. Alternatively, if you have an insurance bond, the company will go after the bondsman, who will then go after you. Securing a Bondsman: Bondsmen can be found online or from simply looking around the jail and/or courthouse. Some specialize by being bilingual or by catering to tourists and college students. Some are independent companies, while others are national chains. Call Redwood City Bail Bonds.


Locating Collateral: If you don’t have cash to lay down for your bond, you will have to consider using your home, car, or valuables to fund your bail bond. If you lay down your home for collateral, for example, if you don’t appear in court, they can foreclose and auction off your home. Putting down Collateral: Keep in mind that the bond amount is a fixed amount; the bondsman cannot charge you for the full amount of the bond. If the bondsman doubles as an attorney, this amount also may be able to apply to attorney fees. Since you will need representation, this could be a tempting option. Appearing in Court: You must appear in court, or you can lose your bond, be arrested again, and/or be held in contempt of court. This action also can punish those around you, including those who vouched for you during bail. Communicating with Redwood City Bail Bonds : If, for some reason, you can’t make the court date, tell this to your bondsman; he or she may be able to help with the situation. Trial: The trial will commence once you appear at the appropriate date and if you need a Representative from Redwood City Bail Bonds we will be there for you. Verdict: Despite the verdict, you will receive your collateral back, as long as you go to all your court dates. Receive Collateral: Depending on the bondsman’s premium, you will receive the collateral back minus the payment to the bondman for his or her services. Call Redwood City Bail Bonds to find out about our discounted premiums (8 to 10 percent of the bail amount)



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It's can be a bit confusing when someone has been arrested and you don't know what to do. Redwood City Bail Bondsman are trained to help you figure that out. We'll guide you all the way through the process. We'll explain all you rights and present the right options for your situation. Jail is no place for someone to get their head together or prove their innocence. The jail system makes it pretty hard to get in contact with the right people. For most people jail is unexpected and a high bail amount is just the beginning. Calling Luna Bail Bonds Placer county is a great start in getting a person out of jail. After you're released you can get a  clear mind and find the resources you need for your case. Our bail bondsman are professional and are here to help you 24 hours a day. Redwood City Bail Bonds Is Luna Bail Bonds.


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The court will expect you to pay the full (100%) amount and if you can’t cover the amount you do not get to go home. But you can call our Redwood City bail bondsman and we’ll post bail for you. We put up the full amount and you pay a small percentage to us instead of the court. After you are done with all your court dates and we will get our money back and if you're still paying your monthly payments you should be fine.  In most cases people will pay about 8 to 10% of the full amount. I can range in the thousands but that's not always the case. If you have question one of our Redwood City bail bondsman can answer all your questions. We can usually set up a payment plan that works with your budget and we make sure to make it a stress free as possible. So you can focus on the other things in your life with peace of mind.


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When someone is arrested they are usually taken to the nearest holding facility to be booked. They will be processed and then put in a cell or holding tank with other people who have been arrested. They take all their property and put in in a bag or envelope. After that they will be finger printed and their picture will be taken. If they have been arrested for drugs sometimes they will make them take a blood test. As soon as they are done processing them they will be able to make a phone call. If they are able to bail out then most likely they will call you or a  bail agent. One of our Redwood City bail bondsman will find out what they will need to post bail and then take the steps to make that happen. After everything is signed and a agreement is made the bail agent will go to the San Mateo county jail that their located at and bail them out of jail.

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