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We have been in the bail bonds business for over 10 years. We love helping people in Monterey County. We knows that being arrested and going to jail is no fun. Plus, having to pay for bail can be overwhelming and unexpected. Salinas jails are crowded and it could be your first time as well. There are plenty of different personalities that you’ll have to deal with. Including the officers. It may be your first time. We understand and that’s why we are here. Don’t waste time! Bail can go up at any time and it can be the defining factor of you getting out or staying in jail. You didn’t expect to go to jail but it’s not the final factor in your situation. Calling Salinas Bail Bonds Monterey county is a great start in securing your freedom. We will answer all your questions and help you find the resources you need to be successful. A bail bondsman in Salinas Ca can help you from beginning to end.


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Our bail bondsman are trained with the founders ideals and values. Respect. Great customer service and a friendly voice. No one is perfect and we have all had misfortune in our lives. Salinas Bail Bonds is all about quality not quantity. Get a free quote today. When you use our bail services you get a professional bail agent that has been hand pick by some of the best agents in the bail industry. We screen them for having a friendly attitude. A spirit of trust and honesty. Not all bail agencies or bondsman do business by the book. Make sure they’re licensed! We make sure our agents will give you the same service that the owner would give you. Nothing but the best! For you and our staff. Salinas Bail Bonds stands by their Monterey County Bail Bondsman. Trusted and approved!


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In need of Salinas Bail Bonds company you can trust? Our bail bondsman make the bail process simple and their goal is to make you successful. Get in touch with a licensed bail bonds agent in Salinas Ca. Our bail bondsman can bail you (or a loved one) out anytime during the day and help you find the right resources to help prove your innocence. At your convenience many bail bonds companies will come pick you up discreetly and you can rest assure that your information is always protected. Payment plans are often available depending on case by case basis. We offer a totally Free Bail consultation for you and your loved ones. With Salinas Bail Bonds in Monterey county you can be confident that we will always work hard for you. Your family and friends are important to us just as they are to you. Call us today.

Salinas Bail Bonds-successful


How Salinas Bail Bonds Works

After you appear in court and receive the bail amount you will have a few options to “bailing out”. Paying the court the full amount is one option. Most people can not afford to take this option due to the high amount of bail. Which tends to be in the several thousands. Second option, you can call a bail bondsman to bail you out. A bail bondsman in Butte county will post the bail for you but you will have to go through a few steps before that can happen. Salinas Bail Bonds has made the bail process easy. Fill out paperwork over the phone or in person. Put a down payment and get bailed out. A bail bondsman will usually contact the jail (in your area) and get you released. No matter where you are in Monterey county we can get you out of jail. After you are released from jail you will have to come to the office to sign the contract. We will give you your next court date. If you’re looking to hire a Salinas bail bondsman in Monterey county then consider Luna Bail Bonds Salinas Ca. Reliable. Professional. Affordable. If you want to get back to your life without any contingencies and all the games call us today. Go home today and know that you’re in good hands with Salinas bail bonds. We’ll give you the facts and give it to you straight. Whether we sign a contract or not. Bail was created to give a person a chance to prove their innocence and to have some peace of mind doing it.


How do I Qualify For Bail In Salinas Ca


Bail bond agencies are mostly the same when it comes to paying for the percentage of bail. Bail bondsman charge a fee for using a Butte county bail bonds agency. What makes us different from other bail bonds companies in Monterey county our commitment in making bail work for the both of us. By creating a payment plan that will support your financial situation we can guarantee that you will succeed. That’s all we care about! We value you just like you value your freedom. Like you value your job and the things you love in your life. We have families too and everyone has had an unexpected situation arise. We customize payment plans based on our clients financial situation. In most cases you can post bail without any collateral. Our bail bondsman are trained figure out and help you determine your best option. What we expect from you as a client is simple. Show up to your court dates on time. Make your payments a few days before it’s due so you don’t add any penalties to you account. Lastly, communicate with us if you need to talk about your case. Ask about our NO Interest financing. We take different types of payment methods and some times personal checks. Call us today


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Our offices are designed to privately and discreetly handle your personal bail transactions in a clean and comfortable setting. In your time of crisis no matter where you are in the nation we can provide you with the service you need. We are here for you. Choosing the right  Monterey County bail bondsman is a crucial decision that needs to be made in a quiet office setting. People who dedicated and experienced in the bail profession. Our agents have over ten years of experience so you can trust that we know what we’re doing. This history speaks for itself  and we continue to grow. Salinas Bail Bonds in Salinas California is the right agency for you. You’ll get the opportunity to be free of jail during the duration of your case and hopefully you can put this behind you. Moving forward with your life. There are different choices and bail bondsmen exist. but only Luna Bail Bonds Salinas California will help you in navigating the complicated criminal justice process successfully. Let our licensed bail bondsman in Salinas California help you. What are you waiting for the bail can go up call now. (831) 424-1010



Inmate Visitation Schedules for Main Jail, Women’s Jail, and Rehabilitation Facility

The following inmate visitation schedules are below:
Jail Visitation Schedule by Housing Location

Jail Visitation Schedule by Day of the Week

This form can be printed and filled out before your visit to help expedite the process

If you need assistance finding out information or want to bail out a loved one contact us by phone at 831-424-1010 immediately! We are always here to help

Luna Bail Bonds is here to assist you in bailing out your loved ones from jail. Contact us immediately at 831-424-1010 to secure your loved ones freedom.

If you have any non urgent questions about bail or any other matter feel free to email us here

There is a “Touch Pay” payment system located in the Main Jail Lobby available 24 hours a day to deposit funds in an inmate’s cash account.

The inmate mailing address is:
The inmate’s name
Booking number,
P.O. Box 809
Salinas, CA. 93902.


Money orders can be sent through the mail to be put onto the inmates cash account. The money order should be made out to the Inmate Trust Fund with reference to the inmates name and booking number


iCare Online Inmate Commissary Ordering – click here



Custody Bureau – Detention Division

The Detention Division falls under the Custody Bureau which also eversees the Court Services Division.

Detention Division:
The Detention Division is responsible for the intake, housing and release of all inmates at the Monterey County Jail which encompasses both the Main Jail and Rehabilitation Facility. The Division also includes the Classification Unit.

The County Jail houses sentenced and unsentenced male and female inmates. There is an infirmary with in-house medical, psychiatric and dental staff. There is an on-site full-scale laundry, professional kitchen, library, commissary services, building maintenance shop, and a chapel.

The Detention Division receives prisoners and inmates from all police agencies in the county; from the California Department of Corrections for parole violations, the Probation Department for probation violations, and the Superior Court of California (County of Monterey), once the individual is sentenced.

The processing of those incarcerated is accomplished with the use of Iris Scan, digital imaging and digital fingerprint scanning. This equipment ensures fast and precise identification of persons arrested by electronically transmitting fingerprints to the Department of Justice in Sacramento. All bookings are computerized. A limited video arraignment program and the use of video conferencing reduce the security risks and cost of transporting inmates.

Approximately 1100 inmates are housed in 31 separate housing units that range from single cells to open dormitory settings. Sentenced inmates reside in open dormitories and provide manpower for work crews for the facility. Work crews inside the facility are used for things such as kitchen work, cleaning, and general maintenance. Work crews are also sent outside the facility for basic grounds keeping around the Sheriff’s Office and for litter pick-up along highways and roads throughout Monterey County. Unsentenced inmates are held in a secured housing unit and do not participate in work crews. Sentenced inmates have access to a variety of programs that include educational and vocational classes, religious services, library services, and drug and alcohol programs. Over 250 volunteers support and work with the inmate population. Persons interested in volunteering at the jail must complete a Custody Operations Bureau Volunteer Referral Form and submit it to the Chief Deputy of the Custody Operations Bureau.

Classification Unit – This Unit is responsible for the evaluation and placement of inmates in housing areas with inmates of similar backgrounds and characteristics in order to maintain the security of the facility and the safety of inmates and staff. Classification evaluation is based on criminal sophistication, seriousness of crime charged, presence or absence of assaultive behavior, age, and other criteria that may impact the safety of the prisoners and staff. At least 30 percent of the jail population is affiliated with a major gang. Approximately 15 percent of the population requires medication due to psychiatric illnesses. Housing unit assignments based on classification is accomplished, to the extent possible, given the availability of distinct housing units or cells in the County Jail. The Unit is also responsible for developing gang intelligence, follow-up investigations, and assisting outside agencies, as needed.

Inmate Welfare Fund – The Inmate Welfare Fund exists by way of statutory authority granted to the Sheriff to establish, maintain and operate a store in connection with the Monterey County Jail. The sale price of articles offered for sale through commissary shall be fixed by the Sheriff with profits from the sales placed into the Inmate Welfare Fund. In addition to the revenue generated from commissary sales, any money, refund, rebate, or commission received from a telephone company or pay telephone provider when the money, refund, rebate, or commission is attributable to the use of payphones by inmates while incarcerated shall be deposited to the Inmate Welfare Fund.

Penal Code Section 4025 (e) states that all profits into the Inmate Welfare Fund shall be expended “primarily for the benefit, education and welfare of the inmates confined within the jail. Any funds that are not needed for the welfare of the inmates may be expended for the maintenance of county jail facilities. Maintenance of county jail facilities may include, but is not limited to, the salary and benefits of personnel used in the programs to benefit the inmates, including, but not limited to, education, drug and alcohol treatment, welfare, library, accounting, and other programs deemed appropriate by the Sheriff.” An annual report of these expenditures is submitted annually to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors.
When the unfortunate need arises for a bail bondsman, Salinas CA residents want someone they can trust. With over a decade of serving the State of California, Luna Bail Bonds Salinas has the qualities and experience needed to get the job done right. Call 1-877-422-BAIL (2245) right now for help getting yourself or your loved ones out of jail!