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Luna Bail Bonds Santa Barbara has served the residents of Santa Barbara county for over 10 years. We have helped over 100,000 people nationwide successfully get out of jail. This was not something we do on our own. Our clients are the ones that made it happen for the most part. We just set them on the path and it's up to them to finish the journey. But we're with them every step of the way. Our model for excellence and commitment to detail is number #1. We believe in our clients right to prove their innocence.  For otherSanta Barbara bail bonds companies we can only say you're more than a quota to us. It is true that many other bail bond companies claim to offer reasonable percentage costs. They might give you extended payment plans but none like ours. But we have one thing they don't have and that's a goal to see our clients all the way to the end. Free consultations 24 hours a day and always expect a friendly voice! From the minute you talk to a bail agent at Luna Bail Bonds Santa Barbara you will get honest answers and quick results.


Santa Barbara County Bail Bonds The county of Santa Barbara has only been in the bail business for 32 years and we have seen many come and many go. We have the best discounted bail in the county. We work close with the jail and court houses so we know what we can and can't do for our clients. It can get pretty ugly if you decide to work with a bail bonds company that doesn't follow protocol. Each agent has to take thew required classes and be certified to practice bail bonds. In most states they have to renew their license every two years. Some bail bondsman don't have their license and it could cost you in the end if you try to take short cuts. Our advise to you is if you want to get out of jail and put the situation behind you then you should give us a call today. When we do bail for our clients they are always protected by their right and by out code of ethics. Santa Barbara Bail bonds loves helping people and giving the a fair chance at proving their innocence. Give us a call right now we can help you (805) 430-4333


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Santa Barbara County Court After being arrested you will most likely have to deal with the county or city law enforcement agencies. It's not always a smooth experiences and it could take months to years to finally be finished with them. The sooner you can us the better your chances are of you getting the support that you need to be successful.  As American citizens you have the right to a fair trial and the right to prove your innocence. Innocent until proven guilty. By calling Luna Bail Bonds Santa Barbara you'll get the best options for a payment plan and down payment. Quality service from a strong company with a long-standing track record in the community of Santa Barbara Ca Whenever you call or visit us you will be greeted by professional and friendly staff. Santa Barbara bail bonds clients are always treated with respect and dignity. Come into one of our local bail offices and find out what you need to do to bail out. Whether it's our Santa Barbara,  San Jose Redwood City Lakeport Santa Rosa San Francisco Manteca or Gilroy offices we can help in any situation. We can also bail you out nationwide. Coming soon a Chico Bail Bonds Office. If you find yourself outside of the county or state give us a call we have agents ready to help you. (855) I-Hate-Jail


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Luna Bail Bonds in Santa Barbara California After you are arrested you will be taken to a local holding facility. There you will be booked and processed for jail. They can hold you from 2 to 72 hours before letting you go. This means you can be transferred to another facility if not released in time. That's why it's important to call us as soon as possible to ensure this doesn't happen. The booking process is a bit lengthy but they will be able to make a phone call when they are done being booked. The will have their possessions removed. They will be asked a number of questions and have a picture taken of them. After that they will be finger printed. Next they will be able to make a phone call as long as they behave themselves. They can either call people they know or call us Santa Barbara Bail Bonds. A bail bondsman will try to help them connect with someone they know.


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Santa Barbara County Bail Bondsman Our clients' success is more important than a quick buck and some monthly quota. We may be smaller than most bail companies but we’re #1 when it comes to our clients' success. Luna Bail Bonds Santa Barbara make sure you are protected by bail standards and by the law. From beginning to end we make sure that you understand everything you need to know about bail. The court will also expect you to follow some rules and guidelines. You will want to know them so you can make your experience as easy as possible. Our monthly payment options are affordable. We we work with you to ensure you can manage your payments, We want you to leave our office knowing you're in good hands. It works out for the both of us. We know everyone’s situation is different and we take each case with the utmost respect. Your personal information is always protected. Lets get started on for success today. (805) 430-4333 Santa Barbara Bail Bonds serving you nationwide and regional offices throughout California

Santa Barbara Bail Bonds

Santa Barbara Bail Bonds







Santa Barbara Bail Bonds

Santa Barbara Bail Bonds




Santa Barbara Bail Bonds


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What do you need to know with Santa Barbara Bail Bonds about the bail bondsman you work with? You want to make sure they have a current license. You'll want to make sure that the have been in the business for a while or have a team that has. You are putting your freedom in the hands of a Santa Barbara bail bondsman you hire so you'll want to know the role that they play in your situation. Can they arrested you? Can they take your money and send you back to jail. Can you switch bail bonds? What can you do if you're not getting the help you need? Some bail bondsman will bail you out of jail and extort you to pay or send you back to jail.  You want a bail bonds agency that understands your situation and will always respect you as a person. You can count on us to do just that. Santa Barbara county has given us the right to practice bail in your great county and we will always be grateful for that. Give us a call and get a free quote today.



Bail Bondsman in Santa Barbara care about your freedom and you success. Your success is what matters to us and we'll work hard getting you the chance you need to bail out We been in business for over 10 years and we love what we do. Working with the jails and courts can be stressful and confusing when you've never been in a situation like this before. We can lessen the confusion and clear up some of the typical assumptions about the whole process. We work hard to make the bail process in Santa Barbara County easy and friendly. You don't have to go through this alone and you can call us now (805) 430-4333 Santa Barbara Bail Bonds

 Being at the right place at the right time is right now! The right bail bondsman in a Santa Barbara county or nationwide just became easier. Don't stress about knowing everything right now we can help you figure out your next move. Our goal is to get you out and help you be successful so you can move on with your life. We have five regional bail offices in California. We have easy down payment that will work for the both of us and affordable monthly plans that will meet your budget needs. We take our time with you when we explain the bail process so you never have to feel rushed. You can always call in if you have any questions.  Our bondsman will help you from beginning to end. Call Luna Bail Bonds Santa Barbara today so we can get started on your success. Sleep in your own bed tonight. Enjoy your family and know that their safe with you. If you work show up to work on time.