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Santa Rosa Bail Bonds-SpanishThe Bail Process is fairly simple. We begin by evaluating the situation. We will find out what charges your loved one has pending against them and what their bail amount is. If they have no bail we will find out why and if and when they will have bail. If we can do anything to help secure bail for them we will. Once Santa Rosa Bail Bonds knows the basics of the situation then we can move forward on getting you out of jail. In most situations to bail someone out you will pay a percentage of the total bail amount. For example, if your husband was arrested for assault and his bail was set at 50,000 dollars, the total amount you would pay to bail him out would be 5,000 dollars. Assuming he went to all of his court dates and complied with all requirements of the courts, you would never pay a penny more. In certain situations we will do bail bonds for less than 10 percent of the total bail amount. For example, if you retain a private attorney, we then can do your bail bond at a discounted rate. Depending on the situation you can pay as little as 8 percent. A Santa Rosa bail bondsman will help you determine the cost and fees. So that 50,000 dollar bonds’ fee goes from 5,000 dollars down to 4,000 dollars, saving you 20 percent or 1,000 dollars. (707) 584-6800


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We are committed to excellence and getting you out of jail. Santa Rosa Bail Bonds is all about quality not quantity. If you have any questions one of our agents would happy to help you. The bail bondsman you hire in Sonoma county should be screened and you should know who you’re working with. We will give you all the right information and make the bail process easy. Our goal is to get you out of jail and put you on a road of success. Easy down payment and affordable monthly payment options. That’s all you have to do! We’ll explain all you rights and explain what you need to do to be successful. That way you don’t have to worry about anything and get back to your daily routines. Sleep in your own bed tonight. Show up to work on time and be with the ones you love. Santa Rose Bail Bonds It’s just that easy. (707) 584-6800


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Santa Rosa Bail Bonds- Sonoma County -Success

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Sonoma County bail bondman are the same when it comes to bail. What makes us different is are commitment to quality and customer service. We take your time serious and your life like it was our own. We can not afford to play games. You want to be bailed out so you can continue your life and we want you to feel good about working with us. We value your feed back and thoughts as well. We thank you ahead of time for letting us bail you out. We value you just just as much as you value your freedom. You have a couple of options when it comes to using a bail company in Sonoma County. You can pay the full 100% the court. You can pay us 10% of the bail amount in full. You can put up collateral if you don’t have any money. Or if any of the above options do not work for you you can find a co-signer. Depending on your income and theirs you can find someone to help you. Find out your best options and what you need to get out of jail. Santa Rosa Bail Bonds can answer all your questions today (707) 584-6800


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