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Luna Bail Bonds Thousand Oaks helps the citizens of Ventura county get a chance at proving their innocence based on their rights. If you've never been arrested and you have some questions about bail do not hesitate to call Thousand Oaks Bail Bonds. If you are seeking a bail bondsman in Ventura county then you're in the right place because we have the best agents nationwide. We understand you might need some help understanding bail and what your options are. We understand that this might look bad on you but your case is private with us. Thousand Oaks Bail Bonds has been in business for over 10 years and you can rest assure that we will respect your privacy. We run a tight ship when it comes to our clients personal information and we follow all the state required guidelines. They protect your rights and ours. It's just good business that way. Call us today (805) 317-6400




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Thousand Oaks Bail BondsThis community has evolved from a rural Ventura County settlement into an attractive and desirable Southern California City. Thousand Oaks offers the ideal mixture of commercial, industrial, residential and recreational space in an exceptional location. The City's history dates to the Chumash Native Americans who dwelled in the Conejo Valley hundreds of years ago. In 1542, the area was discovered by Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who claimed the land for his Spanish king. The area remained virtually unsettled until the early 1800s when the Spanish governor granted 48,671 acres of land grants to loyal soldiers - land which included the Conejo Valley. (Conejo is the Spanish word for rabbit which are abundant in the area.) Throughout the 19th Century, early pioneers migrated to the area. The first post office was built in 1875, and the small settlement became a stop on the stagecoach route between Los Angeles and San Francisco. In the early 1900s the Janss Family purchased 10,000 acres of farm land and began planning a "total community." The family would leave a positive local imprint, and the Janss name remains highly visible in the Conejo Valley.


 in 1927 Chicken ranches, dairy farms and apricot orchards dotted the valley when Louis Goebel opened his Lion Farm. Soon the motion picture industry discovered the Conejo Valley's beauty. Scenes from "Birth of a Nation," "Tarzan," and "The Adventures of Robin Hood" were filmed here. By 1961 there were two shopping centers, an industrial park, schools, churches and a four-year liberal arts college in the growing town. On Sept. 29, 1964, the community voted to incorporate and selected the name, City of Thousand Oaks, honoring the abundant, majestic oak trees in the area. In the first years of Cityhood, nearly 20,000 persons lived within the 14.28 square miles of the newly drawn boundaries. Since incorporation, the City has developed into a quality community, integrating effective planning and citizen involvement. Having grown to 56 square miles with more than 127,000 residents, City officials remain dedicated to offering an envious family lifestyle. In an effort to maintain its natural environment, more than 15,000 square acres have been designated as "Open Space" containing more than 75 miles of trails. This preserved space allows residents to enjoy the same natural beauty that the Chumash Native Americans first enjoyed hundreds of years ago.


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 Luna Bail Bonds is one of the top bail bonds companies in Ventura County. Luna Bail Bonds Thousand Oaks helps the citizens of Ventura county get a fighting chance at proving their innocence. When it comes to the bail bonds we are the second largest bail bonds company but we are the best at seeing our clients' succeed. Not all bail bondsman are the same and you'll want to make sure you know the facts about bail bonds.  If you've never used a bail bonds company before you can check out our FAQs page or you can call in a talk to one of our professional bail bondsman. They will explain to the benefits of using our services and what you can expect from a quality bail bondsman. We have been proving bail bonds for over 10 years and we've helped over 100,000 customers. We take pride in giving back to the community and helping those in need of our services. You cannot go wrong with a track record like that. We've learn a lot along the road and we have had our fair share a unsatisfied customers but we can say we have learn through the years... You don't give up! And neither should you. Call us today we are here for you. Thousand Oaks Bail Bonds


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Not all bail bondsman are the same and you'll want to make sure you know the facts about bail bondsman you hire. You'll want to make sure the bail bondsman you hire is licensed and that it's current. It could cost you more in the end if you try to short cut the system. Ultimately we want you to succeed and get back to what you do best. There's no point in wasting your time or ours. This company was created because we understand everyone should have the support they need when they find themselves in a situation like this. The sooner you get your “ducks in a row” the sooner you can move on with your life. You’re not alone in this and we’ll help you all the way to the end. You're more than a number or a quota to us. We are here for you 24 hours a day.

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Thousand Oaks Bail Bonds-Ventura County


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Get a fair chance at proving your innocence! Maybe you have a family you provide for and they depend on your help. Maybe you have a job you want to keep. Whatever your reason Thousand Oaks bail bondsman can point you in the right direction and get you back to what you do best. Your daily life. Luna Bail Bonds in Thousand Oaks can help you in any situation. Keep your job and show up on time without any excuses. Continue to provide for your family and be there for them when they need you most.


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If someone you know got arrested or you're looking for bail bondsman in Thousand Oaks Ca then you’re in the right place. Our professional bail bondsman work hard to get you the right answers. We have up-to-date information and we can find anyone that has been arrested. Most people will wait till the last minute which can make things worse when it comes to being in jail. When you appear in court and a judge will hopefully grant you bail. You can pay the court the full amount if you have the money at your disposal. Which is great! The person that got arrested will released shortly afterwards. But if you don't have the money you will either have to stay in jail or call your local Ventura county bail bondsman. (805) 317-6400 When you call us we can figure out what you need to do to bail out. You will need a down payment to secure the bail and depending on your credit you might need a co-signer. If you pay the full amount all you have to do is show up to your court dates. Then when you're finished with your court case you're finished! The Ventura county bail bondsman that you hire will charge you a percentage of the full amount. The fee will not be returned because it is the cost for using our services. You will be back with your family and friends and move on with your life.


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We are committed to excellence and getting you out of jail. Thousand Oaks Bail Bonds is all about quality not quantity. If you have any questions one of our agents would happy to help you. The bail bondsman you hire in Ventura county should be screened and you should know who you're working with. Our goal is to get you out of jail and set the pace for your success. After that the rest is up to you. Easy down payment and then you make reasonable monthly payments as you continue your court cases. It's that easy! That way you don't have to worry about anything and get back to your daily routines. Sleep in your own bed tonight. Thousand Oaks Bail Bonds will do what it takes to make bail as easy as possible for you. We have been growing over the years and we have five regional offices throughout California nationwide No need to worry though. If you find yourself outside of the Ventura county and you need bail we can help you. Our agents travel all over the nation and we have agents on call when ever we need them. Finding the right bail bondsman in a Ventura county can be difficult and a bit stressful but we can help you even if you decide to go elsewhere. We just want you to have the opportunity to be successful in the end. Thousand Oaks Bail Bonds.


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Working with the jails and courts can be stressful and not being able to contact someone you trust can be difficult while in jail. We work hard to make the bail process in Ventura county easy and friendly. We believe in helping people who want to get this situation taken care of and move on with their lives. It just works out for the both of us. The sooner you get your “ducks in a row” the sooner you can move on with your life. You’re not alone in this and we’ll help you all the way to the end. Together we can keep you out of jail and get you back to what you do best. Show up to work on time and take care of your responsibilities. Enjoy the weekend with the ones you love. Call today and lets get started on your on your success. Leave the hassles of jailers and unruly inmates at the jail. The food isn’t that great either! You can relax when you work with Ventura county bail bonds. Call for a free quote today (805) 317-6400




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The Bail Process is fairly simple. We begin by evaluating the situation. We will find out what charges your loved one has pending against them and what their bail amount is. If they have no bail we will find out why and if and when they will have bail. If we can do anything to help secure bail for them we will. In most situations to bail someone out you will pay a percentage of the total bail amount. For example, if your husband was arrested for assault and his bail was set at 50,000 dollars, the total amount you would pay to bail him out would be 5,000 dollars. Assuming he went to all of his court dates and complied with all requirements of the courts, you would never pay a penny more. In certain situations we will do bail bonds for less than 10 percent of the total bail amount. For example, if you retain a private attorney, we then can do your bail bond at a discounted rate. Depending on the situation you can pay as little as 8 percent. A Thousand Oaks bail bondsman will help you determine the cost and fees. So that 50,000 dollar bonds' fee goes from 5,000 dollars down to 4,000 dollars, saving you 20 percent or 1,000 dollars.


There are various situations in which we can discount the amount you pay to bail someone out. Since the bail process is a time sensitive matter, call us immediately so we can discuss your options at (805) 317-6400 . Sometimes when someone has a high bail amount, generally 100,000 or greater but occasionally less, we require collateral to bail your loved one out of jail in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County or any other part of California. This means that we will put either put a lean on a property or vehicle until the bond is exonerated. This means that until the person that has been bailed out of jail has completed all of their court dates and possible sentence if found guilty, the lean will remain in place. Once the courts requirements have been satisfied, yours and our responsibility for the bail bond is relieved and then afterwards the lean on any property or possession will be removed.