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Willows Bail Bonds Is Luna Bail Bonds! We are far from the average bail bonds agency in Willows California. Jails are crowded and filled with attitudes that will only add to the drama that comes with being arrested. So instead of playing with your time and staying in jail you can call Willows Bail Bonds in California. We’ll make it happen and we can help you in any situation! We believe in you and we want you to succeed. It may be your first time or you might have been down this road before. Willows Bail Bonds can get you out of jail fast. You might not be able to get out of jail so it’s important to call as soon as possible. You didn’t expect to go to jail and it’s not the final factor in your situation. Call Willows a Bail Bondsman today and lets get stared on your freedom today.


Willows Bail Bonds in Glenn County


We create a payment plan based on your financial situation. In most cases you can post bail in Glenn without any collateral. Our bail bondsman are trained figure out and help you determine your best option. What we expect from you as a client is simple. Show up to your court dates on time and call us after. Make your payments a few days before it’s due so you don’t add any penalties to you account. Call us if you have any questions. Lastly, communicate with us if you need to talk about your case. Ask about our NO Interest financing and discounts. We take different types of payment methods and some times personal checks. Willows bail bonds wants you to succeed!


How do I Qualify For Bail in Glenn County


Bail bond agencies are mostly the same when it comes to paying for the percentage of bail. It’s a fee for using a Glenn county bail bonds agency. What makes us different from other bail bonds agencies is our commitment to your success. By creating a payment plan that will support your financial situation we can guarantee that you will succeed. That’s all we care about! We value you just like you value your freedom. Like you value your job and the things you love to do. If you’re looking to hire our bail agency we will help you until your case is over. We value you and your time you can count on Willows bail bonds. Because you’re more important than a number to us that’s why we love doing bail!



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A Quick Look At Willows California


Willows Bail Bonds-Hisory

The Willows Fire Department has grown and restructured over the years, from the beginning with the bucket brigade, to present day fire engines. All of this change has risen from years of growth and change within the city. Through Willows’ history there have been some events that help this city grow. One event was the four major fires which have brought a beginning to the Willows Fire Department. These events changed the city entirely and some believe that made it so special. On May 30, 1882 the most destructive fire occurred in Willows’ history, which nearly whipped out the entire downtown at that time.


Thirty-three buildings were lost in the fire, most of them being thriving businesses, with an estimated loss of $200,000. The town would rebuild once again until the next devastating fire struck again in 1886, near the same location. With strong winds blowing on that day nearly the entire block was taken, only the bank at that time was spared. The fire had an estimated loss of over $140,000. The city rebuilt again, not only the downtown area. But also adding another 50 homes to city limits. With all of the destruction the city had already experienced, it was decided that the bucket brigade at that time was not sufficient for the protection of it’s city.

In 1887 the Willows Fire Department was then organized, with two hose companies. Each company was supplied with carts holding various fire equipment. It wasn’t until 1914 that the city purchased their first pumper; it’s first motorized apparatus.The Fire House was located at City Hall, on North Butte St, at the location of present day Willow Walk Mall. The Fire Hall would stay at that location until the rise of our present day downtown developed in the 1960’s, prompting our present location on South Butte St, in 1962. Grab an axe and lets save people from the fire! Willows Bail Bonds.


Presently the Willows Fire Department has grown from the bucket brigade and hose companies, to having a combined nine apparatuses, between the rural and city departments. There is a total of five paid staff, which includes the Chief, a Captain and three Engineers. Although we have paid firefighters manning the firehouse 24 hours a day, the need for volunteers is absolutely essential. The volunteers play a vital role in fully completing the Willows Fire Department. The man powered required in everyday emergency calls, can well exceed the paid staff’s capabilities, thus requiring the need for volunteer. The volunteers consist of 30 plus members. Elected officers manage the political and social functions of the volunteers, allowing them to function smoothly. Along with the paid staff, and the rural department, they all combine together making the Willows Fire Department. As technology changes and our society grows with the times, the Willows Fire Department is ready to maintain the same duties it has been providing the city for the last 120 years.