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Being arrested and going to jail can be frustrating when you don't know what to do next. Oroville Bail Bonds in Butte County can help you! Our goal is to help get you out of jail fast and put you on the road to success. Our hope is that you can move on with your life and put this unfortunate experience behind you. We have five regional bail offices in California and bail bondsman throughout the nation. With easy low down payment, affordable monthly plans that will work with your current income you cannot go wrong working with the best Bail Bonds Company in Butte County.  We'll help you understand your rights and give you what you need to be successful. Oroville Bail Bonds takes pride in helping the residents of Butte County and making a bail process as simple as possible. Our bondsman will help you from beginning to end giving you a fair prices that will help you succeed. You can think of them like a big brother or sister that will be there for you when you need them. Set yourself free with Oroville Bail Bonds today and get back to doing what you do best! Lets get started on your success, don't wait another minute, call us today (530) 712-3300. Sleep in your own bed tonight next to the ones you love. Show up to work on time.

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Oroville Bail Bonds has been in the bail bonds business for over 10 years and we know bail. Butte county jails can be a stressful. Other inmates are frustrated, officers can be in a bad mood and it's no place to get your head together. You should be able to prove your innocence without all the BS! Plus, getting to work and keeping your job is important. Taking care of your family and being able to relax when you need to is a comfort that we all enjoy.


We know no one expects to go to jail and we can help. Calling Oroville Bail Bonds in Butte county is a great start in getting you out of jail fast. Get bailed out. Get your head straight and get back to the things you care most about. Our bail bondsman are professional and they understand . From beginning to end we'll walk with you till the end of your case. Call us today and lets get started on you success (530) 712-3300


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Bail can feel overwhelming and seem like it's the end when you might not have an amount so high. The court will expect you to pay the full 100% of the amount up front or you don’t go home. Your second option would be to call Oroville bail bonds. When you use our bail services you pay us the agreed percentage and then you're released from jail. Oroville bail bonds will pay the court the full bail. It like a loan and when you're done with your court dates we will get the amount back. We create a payment plan that works with your budget.


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You will appear in court and receive the bail amount. You can either pay the court the full amount or call a bail bondsman to help you. If you decide to use a bail agency you will have to go through a few steps. Oroville Bail Bonds has made the bail process easy. Sign the bail agent agreement. Put a low down payment and get out of jail. Then the bail bondsman will contact the Butte county jail (or in your area) and get released. No matter where you are in Butte county we can get you out of jail. You come down to our office or the agent will meet you and you'll sign the paperwork. Then show up to your next court date and make monthly payments until your account is paid.


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Most Butte county bail bonds agencies are the same. When it comes to paying the bail amount bail bonds is the same. What makes us different from other bail bonds companies is what we believe. We believe quality service. Family. We believe in you and your success. We value you just as we would expect you to value your family. Like you value your job and the things you love to do. That's how we value you. You have a few options when it comes to paying for bail. (1) You can pay the full percentage rate that we agree upon in full. (2)You can put up collateral if you don’t have any money. (3)You can have a co-signer depending on your income and theirs. But the best way to find out your options is to call in. We can answer all your questions and help you figure out what your options are to bail you out.


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Oroville bail bonds in Butte county is reliable, affordable and we make monthly financing stress free. We customize a payment plan based on your current financial situation and in most cases without collateral. Our bail bondsman are trained to help you succeed and give you some peace of mind while you deal with this the rest of your life. Oroville bail bonds will require you to make your court dates and make your payments on a timely manner. Ask about our NO Interest financing. We take different types of payment methods and some times personal checks.


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If you’re looking to hire Butte county bail bondsman, consider us. Professional. Reliable. Affordable. But that’s not why you should hire us. You should hire us if you want to work with abail bonds company that cares about you. We’ll give you the facts and be straightforward with you regardless if we can bail you out or not. Bail was to be a helpful resource for people who have been arrested. We are not in the business of playing with peoples lives for a quota. You're success is #1 to us. It just works out for the both of us.

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After someone is arrested they will be taken to the jail for processing. County judges or jailers will set the amounts for bail in in Butte County annually or at that time. Depending on the charges and the severity of the accused crime. The judges will lay out a “bail schedule” for the year detailing each type of charge and the amount that they agree on. Bail amounts may be set differently from the bail schedule based on prior criminal history. That's why it's important to bail out as quickly as possible. (530) 712-3300



The defendant is taken to the nearest holding facility or that county or nearest Sheriff's department. For processing and booking. Which can take approximately 2-6 hours. During this time, the defendant is photographed for a “mug shot”. All their personal possessions are removed. They will be fingerprinted and a warrant check is issued for everyone that is arrested. They will be eligible for bail once all the booking procedures are completed. (if there aren't any holds or warrants) Most jails will let the person who got arrested make a free phone call or they can call their local Butte county bail company collect. We accept all calls and try to help the person who was arrested to contact their family or loved ones. We also help them find the resources to bail out so they can get as soon as possible. Remember it is vital to bail out as fast as you can because the bail amount can go up at anytime. The fee for using a bail bondsman is 8 to 10 percent of the entire bail amount.


For example, if bail is set at $30,000, your fee to the bondsman will be $3,000. (We'll work with the amount based on how much you can put down and your financial circumstances) Calling us is your best option. It is a lot easier to talk with you and help you figure out what will work for you. Once we come to an agreement and a down payment is made we will bail you out. The bondsman will go to the jail and “post” the bail bond. Typically the defendant is released within 2 to 4 hours. Call your local Butte county bail bondsman in Oroville California. Call Today Oroville Bail Bonds (530) 712-3300

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A Quick Look At Oroville California

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Oroville, formerly known as (Ophir City) is the county seat of Butte County, California. About 4 years ago the population was about 15,506 in a 2010 census. The Berry Creek Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California is headquartered here. Oroville is situated on the banks of the Feather River where it flows out of the Sierra Nevada onto the flat floor of the California Central Valley. It was established as the head of navigation on the Feather River to supply gold miners during the California Gold Rush. The town was originally called Ophir City; the name was changed to Oroville when the first post office opened in 1850.


 Gold was found at Bidwell Bar, one of the first gold mining sites in California, brought thousands of prospectors to the Oroville area seeking riches. Now under the enormous Lake Oroville, Bidwell Bar is memorialized by the Bidwell Bar Bridge, an original remnant from the area and the first suspension bridge in California (California Historical Landmark #314). The early 20th century the Western Pacific Railroad completed construction of the all-weather Feather River Canyon route through the Sierra Nevadas giving it the nickname of “The Feather River Route”. Oroville would serve as an important stop for the famous California Zephyr during its 20 year run. In 1983, this became a part of the Union Pacific Railroad as their Feather River Canyon Subdivision. A major highway, State Route 70, roughly parallels the railroad line through the canyon. It's also home to a considerable number of ethnic Hmong. The Hmong migrated from Southeast Asia, especially from the country Laos, after the Vietnam War. The Hmong were allies of the American forces during the Vietnam War, many were recruited to help fight the Communist forces in Laos and Vietnam.


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No matter where you are in the nation we can bail out of jail. From your own home or from jail it just takes a few steps and you'll be home in no time. We work hard to have the resources that reach beyond most bail agencies. We have new offices opening up in Northern and Southern California. Call our hotline or a location near you. (877) 422-2245 Get a free quote today. We can help you get in touch with your loved ones. Get answers to your questions or we can help you find an inmate. Our bail bondsman are here for you and all you information is protected. You can trust Oroville Bail Bonds we have been in the bail business for over 10 years. We look forward to working with you.