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We started in San Jose California and we have been growing as a company and as a family ever since. We like to think of our clients like family more than a client. We spend a lot of time with our clients and figuring out way to help them succeed. Learning about their life and what they need to rise above the situation. We believe in helping people. It's just good business for the both of us. We know going to jail is no fun and most of the time people outside of this experience can be a bit judgmental. We are here to help you and you can always trust that your information is private and protected. We have a strict policy and stand by it 100% so you can tell us what we need to know so we can help you. Nationwide we have bail bondsmen all over the state ready to talk with you. We can find the best solution and monthly payment plan that will work for both of us. We want you to feel good about working with us and we want you to be successful in the end. Call Point Arena Bail Bonds today and lets get started on the road to success. (707) 263-1300  Check out our other offices: Luna Bail Bonds Hollister, Luna Bail Bonds San Francisco, Luna Bail Bonds San Jose and Luna Bail Bonds Santa Rosa if you or anyone you know is in jail we have agents in these area as well. A Chico Location coming soon.

A Quick Look At Point Arena California

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Point Arena is on a narrow peninsula several hundred feet wide with a length of almost 800 feet. The bluffs on which the lighthouse stands rise 50 feet from the surface of the water. The great danger in approaching the point is Arena Rock. This massive rock is a mile long and sits six feet under the surface of the water a mile and a half off the headland. During years when 1,000 hours of fog enveloped Point Arena, the station would burn more that 100 tons of wood. To feed the thirsty boilers, two underground water cisterns ran from one edge of the point to the other each lined with brick. The keeper's dwelling was a great two-and-a-half storey brick residence that housed the entire four man crew and all their wives and children. Life could be terribly confining at an isolated light station and Point Arena's single residence made privacy minimal. The big house, filled with adults and children, had thick walls to cut down on sound but the thin floors seemed to amplify the sound. Noise would echo through the house and an assistant light-keeper trying to sleep after a long watch could have a difficult time getting his zzz'z in! Point Arena Bail Bonds. The wind at Point Arena is fierce. During the winter of 1879-1880 all the fences blew down. In February 1880 in one of the worst windstorms ever hit the station hurling anything moveable in every direction. You should have seen it!


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What Happens After You're Arrested


The defendant is taken to the nearest holding facility for processing and booking. Which can take approximately 4-8 hours depending on the Mendocino county jailer. During this time the defendant is photographed for their mug shot and all their personal possessions are removed. They will be fingerprinted along with a warrant checks for other state and counties. So make sure you contact Point Arena bail bonds to find out. They will be eligible for bail once all the booking procedures are completed and there are no holds. Probation or parole can put holds on someone too. Point Arena Bail amounts are set differently than other counties. So don't make the assumption that this county will be like others. Each one is different. The jail employees will use the Mendocino county bail Schedule to determine the bail amount. Other factors will be factored in like past criminal history and the severity of the crime.

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How Luna Bail Bonds Point Arena Works


You will appear in court and receive the bail amount. You can either pay the court the full amount or call a bail bondsman in your area. The process is simple and Luna Bail Bonds Mendocino County California has made it easy than ever to bail out of jail. Call today! You'll sign the bail agent agreement. Get a co-signer if needed and put a down payment. Then a bail bondsman Point Arena will contact the jail in your area. No matter where you are in the county we can get you out! Once you're out of jail we will give you your next court date. When you use Point Arena Bail Bonds we are paying the court the full amount of the bail for you. You pay us a fee and then when your case is over we get back our money. We will keep the percentage that you paid us for using our services.

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Point Arena Bail Bondsman


Once they are processed they will be put in a cell and have an opportunity to receive a phone call. They can call a loved one or Point Arena bail bondsman and make arrangements for their release. You can call the bail bonds company collect. The fee for using a Mendocino county bail bondsman is around 8 to 10 percent of the entire bail amount. You also might qualify for discounts just ask. For example, if bail is set at $30,000, your fee to the bondsman will be $3,000. You will put a down payment and thne the bail agent will call the jail for your release. The jail  release them. The agent will go to the jail and “post” the bail bond and sometimes pick you up. Typically, the defendant is released within 2 to 4 hours depending on the circumstances. Try to stay calm and everything will go smoothly as possible. We are her for you.



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Expert Bail Bondsman In Point Arena Ca


If you’re looking to hire a Point Arena Bail Bondsman in Mendocino county consider us.We can help in any situation! We train our bondsman to be understanding and professional. To be effective and organized. In the end we want you to feel good about using our services for bail. Bail guidelines and procedures are the same but not every bail agents are. When you work with us you'll get the facts and the truth. In some case we can not bail someone out. Some companies will bail you out with out your knowledge and expect you to pay. If you don't they send you back to jail. We'll be straightforward with you about your options and speak to you first about where you stand. We’ll make sure you have the support you need even if we don't bail you out. Your success is the only thing we care about.

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Are there Bad Bail Agents Out There


Ultimately, a persons freedom is going to be in the hands of the bail agent you hire. You want to make sure the Point Arena Bail Bondsman you hire is licensed and has a current license. You'll want to make sure there are no "strings attached" meaning some agencies will bail you out for a low down payment. Then expect you to pay a higher monthly payment. Make sure you understand the whole contract and ask lots of questions. Bail bondsmen are there to help you and if you don't feel good about the agent you might want to consider another agency. We believe in helping and working with people that want to take care of this situation as fast and easy as possible. Prove your innocence while you work and take care of your family. Not from jail and having someone treat you like a little kid. Get peace of mind and bail out today.

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Mendocino County Bail Bonds FAQs


We are happy to serve the county of Mendocino and we take pride being #1 in the Point Arena. We have grown as a company through genuinely helping people who are in need. Although we are not lawyers, we do everything in our power to help the people of Point Arena maintain their right to innocence. Just give us a call and we can answer all your questions. Get back you freedom! Call us today open 24 hours. In Addition to our main bail bonds office located in the bay area, we work across the state of California and have bail bondsman everywhere. Find out your options today. Get a free quote from one of our friendly agents.