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The city incorporated in 1965 by combining the previously unincorporated communities of Al Tahoe, Bijou, Bijou Park, Stateline, Tahoe Valley, and Tallac Village. A post office was established in 1967. In 1991, Jaycee Lee Dugard (age 11 at the time) was abducted from a bus stop in South Lake Tahoe; she was found alive in Antioch, California in 2009. Gambling arrived at the Lake in 1944 when Harvey’s Wagon Wheel Saloon and Gambling Hall opened as one of the area’s first gaming establishments (technically on the Nevada side of the state border in the South Lake Tahoe (Nevada gaming area).



But competition soon sprang up and so did the need for more permanent accommodations. By the 1950s, roads began to be plowed year-round, enabling access to permanent residences. When the 1960 Winter Olympics came to Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe was put firmly on the map as the skiing center of the western United States. South Lake Tahoe Bail Bonds was put on the map in 2006. In 2012, the Lakeview Commons Park was renamed. “The Washoe Tribe has presented the name Tahnu Leweh (Pronounced Tah-New Lay-Way) which, in native language, means ‘all the people’s place. It is a name the Tribe would like to gift to El Dorado County and South Lake Tahoe as a symbol of peace, prosperity and goodness. The Truckee River is the lake’s only outlet. The Truckee flows northeast through Reno, Nevada, and into Pyramid Lake, Nevada, which has no outlet. Only one third of the water that leaves the lake leaves via the Truckee. The flow of the Truckee River and the height of the lake are controlled by a dam at the outlet.


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Anywhere nationwide South Lake Tahoe Bail Bonds can help. Finding the right bail bondsman in a El Dorado county can be difficult and a bit stressful.  The clock is ticking and there isn’t much time to waste. Our goal is to get you out you out of jail and put you on a road of success. Get out of jail. make timely monthly payments and show up to your court dates. It’s that simple. We have five regional bail offices in California. Easy down payment plan. Affordable monthly payments and our agents are trained to be here for you 24 hours a day. We’ll walk you through the whole bail process. You’ll know all your rights and we’ll create a contract that will make your success that much easier. A bondsman will help you from beginning to end.


Call South Lake Tahoe Bail Bonds today and get back home to the the ones you love. (530) 725-4111 We can get started on your success today and get one step closer to putting  this behind you. Sleep in your own bed tonight. Show up to work on time. It’s just that easy. We can answer all your questions. Either on the site (FAQs page) or you can call in and a bail bondsman will speak with you. 24 hours a day we are here to help you. If you need to find an inmate and see the status of their bail. Some times there are holds or other factor that might save you some time if you knew ahead of time. We know that there is so much to deal with when someone goes to jail. So don’t worry about calling us we get it.


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There is no time to waste! South Lake Tahoe Bail Bonds is here to help. South Lake Tahoe Bail Bonds has provided bail throughout El Dorado County and surrounding areas for over 10 years. In today’s courts judges have the ability to lower, deny or grant a bail based on key factors. A bail hearing doesn’t automatically mean that a person will be given bail. The amount for bail can raise or lower based upon the details of the case and the defendant’s criminal history. Examples of this might be a first-time offender may be released on his “own recognizance,” meaning there’s no bail required and the defendant can go home. El Dorado County court system is different from other counties and you want to make sure you at fast.


Provided he or she shows up to further court dates. But someone who has been arrested in the past might be required to pay a higher bail amount depending on the severity of the crimes. Also, a persons bail can be revoked if the person acts with improper behavior, not showing up for court, or further crimes. Call South Lake Tahoe Bail Bonds and we’ll get you started on your freedom and moving one step closer to your success. Every person who is arrested and charged with a crime has a constitutional right to be granted release from custody on reasonable bail. Make sure you know what the charges are and try to see if you can get the bail lowered if possible. A South Lake Tahoe Bail Bondsman can help you with these types of questions.